360-degree Virtual Tours

From £135

A 360-degree virtual tour, gives your potential customers a chance to look around your business using their PC or a smartphone, and, Google Maps Street View.

How does it work

  1. We visit your business
  2. We take photos using our 360-degree camera
  3. Back at our office, we check, and if necessary, edit the location of every image
  4. After uploading the images to Google Street View, we orientate and connect the images together
  5. After 24-48 hours, the virtual tour is available to anyone using Google Maps and Google Street View

Best practices

  1. It is best to visit your business when visitor numbers are low, as we’d want to take a photo with no-one else in the room
  2. Rooms should be well lit.
  3. Photos are taken with a camera on a tripod, and a remote (so we can get out of shot)
  4. Photos are taken 1-metre apart

Potential issues

  1. Your 360-degree virtual tour is hosted on Google Maps/Street View. It works.
  2. You can embed a Google tour on your own website (as you can see above)
  3. Google determine the initial orientation of any image people find via Google Maps/Street View. Currently this can not be changed, so it could be a view of a wall, or, if it is an outside shot, a photo of your competition!
  4. Our 360-deg images are about 5K, with a full 360-deg field of view horizontally and  vertically. They are more than adequate for viewing scenes on a smartphone and typical PC. If you want people to be able to zoom in and read detail, the images may not be adequate.
  5. You may see parts of the tripod stand if you rotate an image and look downwards towards the nadir. We do not edit it out of the images as it is (a) quite time consuming (b) most people don’t look down. This helps keep our costs down.


Description Cost
360-deg tour, up to 20 published images
Up to 30 minutes travelling each way
Checking and correcting your Google Maps listing
Extra images (360-deg, and regular photos) £5 each
Extra travelling time £20 per 30 minutes


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