Terms and Conditions

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  1. Our Virtual tours and 360-degree photographs
  2. Our Websites and Domains Policy
  3. Our Cookie Policy
  4. Our Privacy Policy
  5. Our General Data Protection Register (GDPR) Policy

1. Virtual tours and 360-degree photographs

Knowledge Computing owns the copyright on all 360-degree photos and panoramas, which are licensed to clients.

Due to GDPR and privacy laws, Knowledge Computing will blur faces, car registration plates, and personal identifying information. If you feel we have missed anything, please let us know, and we will correct it. Knowledge Computing is not responsible for cosmetic enhancements to photos, for example, misplaced rubbish that appears in shot.

Photos and tours are hosted on Google Maps, and are subject to Google’s Sales and Branding Guidelines and Google’s Prohibited and Restricted Content. Knowledge Computing has no control over content that Google seems inappropriate and removes, though we may be able to amend and resubmit it.

Following mutual agreement, clients may host images and tour on their own web sites, and be aware that such images and tours may require significant storage space and bandwidth.

360-degree photographs and virtual tours must not be used for illegal or misleading purposes.

2. Websites and Domains Policy

Web sites are purchased in advance for a minimum of one year.

As a content provider, you are responsible for the information on your web site, and for checking that Knowledge Computing has followed your instruction to your satisfaction. If you find a correction, please contact us.

Knowledge Computing will carry out some “search engine optimisation” (SEO) to help your web site appear in the search engines. This will not be exhaustive. For details see Google’s guide to SEO. Knowledge Computing will not “spoof” the search engines, as this can result in a detrimental result ranking.

Web sites must not be used for illegal purposes.

You must provide us with 30 days notice if you do not wish to renew your website. Unfortunately we are unable to refund unused months of your annual contract.


As a domain name registrar (a company that registers domains), Knowledge Computing may acquire a domain on your behalf. You are the legal owner of the domain for the duration of its registration (usually year by year), and can request its transfer to another registrar, or to your own domain account, at any time, at no charge.

.uk domains

For all .uk domains, Knowledge Computing and yourself are bound by Nominet’s .uk domain policies. Knowledge Computing is a UK Nominet Channel Partner Registrar, bound by their Registrar Agreement.

You are required to provide accurate contact details for all domains.

We will remind you to renew your website and domain name(s) 30 days before they are due for renewal, in our invoice to you.

If you do not ask us to renew your domain at the end of the registration period, you may lose rights to it. If you cancel, or do not renew a domain at the end of its registration period, you will lose any rights to it, and it will become available for another party to purchase.

A Domain name is provided at no extra charge to any customer who purchases a web site. Additional domains are available at £10 per year.

You may choose to use another registrar to manage your domain, in which case they will be responsible for your domain’s renewal and associated charges. Or you can manage your domain yourself.

You can check your domain details, and any other domain using Nominet’s Whois tool.

Other domains

We manage non-UK domains in a similar way. If you wish to manage your own .com (or similar) domain it can be transferred to you or your nominated registrar.

Online payments

Online payments are undertaken by third parties, such as your bank, Paypal and NoChex, and are subject to their terms and conditions, security measures, and data protection. See:

Complaints, cancellations, abuse, and refunds

Please contact Knowledge Computing to discuss any complaints, cancellations, abuse, and refunds. You can expect to receive a reply within 2 business days, and resolution of your issue within 5 business days. If you are unhappy with our response regarding your .uk domain name, you may use Nominet’s Dispute Resolution Service, or you can Complain about us being your Registrar to Nominet. Other disputes may be referred to either Trading Standards via Citizen’s Advice.

3. Cookie policy

This website uses cookies only to ensure that each visitor to the site is tracked individually. No personal details are stored. The site is in compliance of the new EU cookie law (also called the e-Privacy Directive), as described by the page on “Cookies” by the UK Government’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). See also Comparitech’s guide, “How to comply with cookie legislation and respect your website visitors’ privacy“.

4. Privacy policy

We may request your contact details in order to process orders and domain registrations. Our server will also note your computer’s IP address which it uses for statistical purposes.

Knowledge Computing will never sell your details to a  third party.

5. General Data Protection Register (GDPR) Policy

For details of your rights, see “Guide to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)“. If you become a client, Knowledge Computing will store on our UK-based computers your contact details. We may use computers in other countries for backup purposes. If you make payments online, these are handled by third parties (eg. your bank, Paypal) who have their own GDPR policies.

Knowledge Computing will keep your information as long as is necessary, unless it is required to be kept by law (ie. 22 months for income tax purposes, and 6-10 years for sales-related information).

ICO Data Protection Controller, (Registration number: ZA417606).