Testimonials: PKP Balance

Testimonials : PKP Balance

I began using Knowledge Computing's services in May 2006. At that time, I had no idea what I wanted in the way of a website, other than it should be "some sort of soft blue colour". Caroline deftly got to the core of what I do: Kinesiology (most people have problems merely getting their tongues around the word, never mind understanding the concept or philosophy of it) – she asked the right questions and understood from my ramblings exactly what I needed. In addition, she contributed enormously with suggestions and ideas, often writing the text to help 'get me going', but never pushing me to follow her advice.

Over the last two years, whenever I've come up with ideas for the website, Caroline has not only been receptive and positive about them, she's also helped me expand on them and make them even better. Whenever I ask her to make any changes, sort out any problems or add information, she does so very quickly, and with great attention to detail. She helps me see not only how something might work, but also how some things don't.

I have had only positive feedback from other people about my website – everyone comments on how soothing and calming it is, as well as being user-friendly and having just the right amount of information. I'm very proud of my website and know that it wasn't just created by a person in an office somewhere but was a joint effort between the two of us. As I am self-employed, I rely heavily on my website for bringing in new clients and it has done just that.