Get more customers with Google Maps

How to get more customers:

  1. Accurate Google Maps listing
  2. Google Maps photos
  3. Google Maps 360-deg photos
  4. Google Maps 360-deg Virtual Tours

Google Maps is the free service on PCs and smartphones which helps people find your business, that has been installed on over five billion Android devices. Knowledge Computing can:

  1. Add a new business
  2. Add regular photos to your Google Maps listing in order to illustrate your business or products
  3. Add 360-degree photos to your listing to bring people “into” your business
  4. Add a 360-degree virtual tour to your listing to let people look around your business

I can also fix many Google Maps listing errors:

  1. Map marker is missing
  2. Map marker is in the wrong place, eg:
    Wrong building, other size of the street, in a field!
  3. Business information is incorrect, eg.
    1. Address
    2. Category
    3. Opening hours
    4. Web address
    5. Restaurant links to your menu/table reservation
  4. Photos
  5. How to link to or embed a map or photo on your Website (like the example above). Details here.

Google Maps

Google Maps launched in 2005, and can now provide people with directions to find you. On a smartphone, you need only ask Google Assistant “where is the nearest cafe”, to not only get directions, but opening times, and a selection of enticing photographs.


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