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  1. Active Documents: knowledge sharing and document management
  2. Adairs Driving Instruction: in and around Newcastle and North Tyneside
  3. Aeon: The Journal of Myth and Science
  4. Art Masters: original fine art and limited edition prints
  5. Body Beauty, therapist in Sandbach, South Cheshire
  6. Bromsgrove Arts Alive: support the arts in and around the Bromsgrove, Worcs
  7. Cariad Duo
  8. Catastrophism!: 4,000 articles online or on CD-Rom
  9. Centuries of Darkness: the book on ancient chronology by Peter James
  10. Cheshire Facial Microcurrent: The Non-Surgical Facelift
  11. Cogger’s Nationwide Amusement: (Funfair hire)
  12. EFT Direct, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting in Sandbach, South Cheshire
  13. Electric Cosmos: a giant paradigm shift
  14. Electric Universe: fact file
  15. Grove Counselling : Harpendon, Herts
  16. Guildford House for Rent: Guildford House for Let
  17. Hertfordshire Squash Rackets Association
  18. Housman Society: an appreciation of the life and works of A.E. Housman
  19. Jan Preistner GQHP Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT (Greater Manchester)
  20. iHarp: online harp lessons via Skype
  21. John Forbes: Odd Bod Artist
  22. Julie Root Beauty Therapist: St Albans, Hertfordshire
  23. Kronos Press: catastrophist publishers
  24. Lisa Tulk, Musician: Performer. Composer. Educator. Director.
  25. Lobster: The journal of parapolitics, intelligence and State Research
  26. London Mail Forwarding
  27. Maverick Science: Mythology, science, catastrophsim
  28. Multi-User Entertainments: Internet games software house.
  29. Music Research Institute
  30. Mythopedia: a new science of myth
  31. Nails by Janet: Gel nails, Park Street, Radlett, Herts
  32. Neil Peat Gallery: East London art gallery
  33. The New Skin Project
  34. Paul Mitchell-Davidson Composer • Teacher • Educator • Arranger • Musician
  35. Peter Davies Oboes
    Specialist Oboe Repairs and Reedmaker
  36. Plasma Universe: the Plasma Universe
  37. Probus Club of Sandbach: for retired businessmen
  38. Probus Two Club of Congleton : for retired businessmen
  39. Rob Buckland: saxophonist
  40. Richard Strauss Society
  41. Rucksack Music: music for kids around London (Isle of Man)
  42. Sandbach Concert Series
  43. Sandbach Reflexology
  44. Sandbach Town Council
  45. Science Frontiers: the digest of reports that describe scientific anomalies
  46. Simone Rebello: percussionist in the UK, Japan and Worldwide
  47. Society for Interdisciplinary Studies: Catastrophism, Velikovsky etc
  48. Steve Crow Saxophone Specialist
  49. Stork Removals: Greater London to anywhere in mainland Britain
  50. Tenor Saxophone Index: The online saxophone database & resource centre
  51. Tresman family: Personal site and Tresman family tree
  52. The Velikovsky Encyclopedia, The verifiable guide to the subjects, the people, the criticisms, the rebuttals, and the Affair.
  53. Vemasat: Research Institute
  54. Voice to Voice Choir: contemporary group that meets in Macclesfield, Poyton and Didsbury
  55. You Haven’t Lived: online games
  56. Zephyr Winds: Wind Ensemble

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  57. Electric Universe Store
  58. Sandbach Gifts