About the Company

Ian Tresman 2019

Knowledge Computing was launched in November 1988 by Ian Tresman, as an I.T. consultancy company specialising in multilingual computing and training. I enjoy my work and take pride in providing a tailored personal service and helping our clients be successful. It is important for me to have a good relationship with my clients.

In 1991 he published his first book, the rather excitingly named Multilingual PC directory: a guide to multilingual and foreign language products for IBM PCs and compatibles (see archived version), followed by a few years as a Staff Writer for a publishing company. This all adds up to a wide experience and range of interests which led to a career in Web Publishing.

In 1996 I launched one of the UK’s first web publishing companies, when websites were a little simpler (see my website from 1996). Most of my websites are developed in collaboration with clients via email and sometimes the occasional phone call.

Ian has a degree in Chemistry and a Masters in Computer Science. In recent years, plasma physics has provided a little diversion and light reading, and he has acquired University certificates in Astronomy and Cosmology, and more recently, a PGCE in teaching. Ian is married to Caroline who runs Body Beauty.