Website Boost: Web Improvement Service

(Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Service)
See also: Musician Boost (Web Submission Service)


Our Internet service assesses your presence on the web, to see whether we can make or suggest changes that will improve your visibility to others.

Fortunately there are a relatively small number of important techniques that can make a significant difference. The remaining 90% of tweaks will probably only help with squeezing an extra couple of percent improvements, and are probably not worth the effort.

Feeling isolated on the Web?

How your Website Presence is Improved

There are several important criteria to improving your Internet presence:

  1. Google and its own search engine guidelines
  2. Links to your website from other sites (an indicator of your site's popularity)
  3. Social Media: the online version of networking
  4. Geo-Location, ie. so search engines give your site priority, to people in your area
  5. Structured data, which improves the quality of your information though the additional of
    1. some basic HTML tags
    2. structured data code, and
    3. services such as MusicBrainz


Step 1: The Report

The first step is to assess your website, and report back what is felt to be required to improve your web site presence, and what it will cost.

Step 2: The Solution

If you would like to go ahead, I will:

  1. Request webmaster access to your website so I can make necessary changes. This typically involves (a) the name of your host (b) log-in and password, although some hosts allow you to invite, or add collaborators to your account.
  2. Add your site to Google's Search Console, which lets me carry out some additional assessments provided by Google
  3. I will also (a) make some changes to your site that follow Google guidelines It is not exhaustive, but those that I consider most important (b) add some structured data to your site
  4. Assess your social media, ie. (a) Facebook (b) Twitter (c) YouTube (d) Soundcloud
    You can read about some tips for using Facebook here: Social Media
  5. Check your Google presence on (a) Google Maps (b) Google Local Business
  6. Check and improve your listing on MusicBrainz using our Musician Web Submission Service


Independent site test

The following sites will run a variety of SEO tests on your site. You need to be scoring above 50% or more.