Testimonials: JR Beauty

Testimonials : JR Beauty

I am so delighted and thrilled to have made the plunge and have a web site developed. Probably the best money I've spent on promoting my business and generating new clients.

I had no idea where to start with getting a web site up and running and to be honest, didn't really want to know, I wanted someone to do it for me, so I could get on with doing what I do best. My only criteria was a web site that people could find easily, looked nice and understood the nature of my business. With such a vague spec, Knowledge Computing did a superb job and devised a web site better than I could have imagined. It was an extremely efficient service, keeping in contact with me and developing the overall theme with my approval every step of the way. Knowledge, through years of experience, knew how to give my website the best chance of appearing on the front few pages of search engines; often on the front page itself. This is of major importance as there is no point in having a fab website that no one can find.

The upshot of all their hard work and commitment, is a regular flow of new clients who have found me via the web and all of whom have expressed delight at such a lovely looking and easy to use web site.