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Priced to make it easy for you to have a professional website up and running this month!


        Starter Standard Premium Supercharged
One-off set up fee     £60 £125 £250 £500
Monthly charge     £10 £20 £35 £50
Min. term*     12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months
No. of pages     1 1-6 1-50 1-200
Domain name    
Search Engine Placing*    
Minor Regular Updates*    
Major Regular Updates*     from £30 from £30 from £30 from £30
Contact form*     +£10
Extra Scripting*     from £50 from £50
Music/Video clips*     from £20 from £20
Extra domain names*     Additional domain names with alias webspace £1.50 per month
includes optional email facility
Web space only*     First domain and webspace £10 per month [see below]
Additional domains and webspace £6 per month each [see below]


*One-off set up fee This is a contribution to the design and build fees.
*Monthly charges To make websites more affordable for the start-up and small business, this charge is usually the only other cost you will pay. It includes ongoing maintenance and an element towards the original design and build. Add-ons are usually one-off charges unless otherwise stated.
*Min. term If you decide to upgrade from, say, Bronze to Silver, then we'll make it easy and transfer you up and the balance of the One-off set up fee will be payable.
*No. of pages Except for our one-page Bronze package, we really are quite flexible and do not sit counting pages, images and links! It is also worth bearing in mind that once menus and the logic of a site has been constructed then it can be (but not always!) straightforward to add more pages.
*Domain name This is the unique Web address people will use to find your website, such as - we can help you to choose an appropriate domain name, and is purchased in your name. Domain names must be renewed each year and this is included in our service.
*Email Email addresses associated with your domain name are standard, and usually forward incoming email to your current email address. Or you can have your email stored in its own "POP3" mailbox, enabling online access.
*Hosting This is the professional webspace where your website will sit. There are no annoying advertising or distractions associated with the webspace.
*Search Engine Placing We work hard with keywords and phrases so that your site features well in the major search engines.
*Minor Regular Updates This will cover most websites and will keep your content fresh and up to date. All you need to do is to email through updates and these will be added monthly. This means you can concentrate on your business and we'll look after your website.
*Major Regular Updates We will advise, but generally assume graphic and media intensive updates are major updates.
*Contact form If you don't want to display your email address, a contact form will let customers contact you by email.
*Extra Scripting From adding an automated calender, to a guestbook, to a shopping cart. Think of what you need rather than the costs and you might be pleasantly surprised. There is a limit to what can be included in the Gold and Platinum package but we can advise.
*Music/Video clips Short soundbites of music are very helpful, especially for musicians. We can edit music clips with a fade in and out.
*Ecommerce/Wiki/Drupal These more sophisticated examples of content management let you carry out electronic commerce, or manage content on your own site. We set up the site and you are able to stock your own products or information and make minor changes within the framework. Payment is via a third party payment processor such as Paypal or WorldPay. You will get your own admin panel and we'll help you to get to grips with it.
*Extra domain names You will have your main domain name included in the cost of your package but you may want a .com or a in addtion to the other one. Or as a business, you may want your business type as the main domain name and also want your business name to also point to the same website. Or perhaps you may want your domain name to be with and without a hyphen eg and - the options become almost endless but we will help you to decide which are the important investments.
*Web space only For clients who can create and manage their own websites. Easy-to-manage control panel; own mailboxes with forwarding and autoresponders; own web address (.com,, or international domain name); Apache Linux server running PHP v4 and MySQL; webstats. Extra charges will apply to high bandwidth customers but this space is usually suitable for most users.
  • All Web packages include one domain name at no extra charge. Extra domains as costed above.
  • Domain names may be moved to another registrar on request at no charge. Please contact us with your new "tag" by email.
  • Changes in charges will be posted here, or via email
  • All .uk domain names are registered through Nominet and require you to read their Terms and Conditions before we make the purchase on your behalf.

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