Stargazers and Gravediggers

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With the publication of Immanuel Velikovsky’s Worlds in Collision in 1950 a bombshell burst upon the literary and scientific scene whose reverberations continue to this day. Even prior to publication, the book was the subject of intense controversy.

The academic community was immediately and intensely polarized. Several world-famous “authorities” denounced the book as “rubbish” (without having read it carefully), while other scientists and scholars praised Velikovsky’s method and revolutionary conclusions.

Through a concerted campaign of letter writing, a successful boycott of the original publisher’s textbook department was undertaken by an elite group of American astronomers. Even as Worlds in Collision hovered at the top of the national best-seller lists, the publisher was forced to suspend publication of the book, and another firm, which had no vulnerable textbook division, took it on. Thus one of the greatest controversies in scientific history became one of the most shameful episodes in publishing history.

Here for the first time is the full account of what actually transpired. Writing with kindness as well as candor, Velikovsky tells of the unprecedented treatment he endured at the hands of his critics.

The story of Worlds in Collision is of timely interest, because the problems and solutions Velikovsky pointed out in 1950 are at the forefront of scientific research in the 1980’s:


recent planetary space probes, new proposals in evolutionary theory, and geological and archaeological findings supporting or confirming ideas that just thirty years ago were confidently declared to be “arrant nonsense” by the supposed experts of the day.


Stargazers and Gravediggers is a work of understated triumph that will give both the scientist and the general reader cause to reconsider prior beliefs about science, objectivity, human nature, and the opinions of experts.

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