Ramses II and His Times

Ramses II and His Time, like Ages in Chaos and Peoples of the Sea it can be read independently, but taken as a whole the series carries a monolithic oneness and compels the reader toward agreement with the rewriting of history which Velikovsky considers his opus magnum.

This book settles many problems of historical magnitude. Who were the enigmatic Hittites? Who was Pharaoh Necho, the opponent of Nebuchadnezzar at the battle of Carchemish? Where did the battle of Kadesh take place? When was King Ahiram entombed at Byblos — in the thirteenth century, as many historians claim, or in the seventh century, as others claim?

Ramses II and His Times is a kind of detective story, in which the personae are real historical figures.

For more than thirty-five years Immanuel Velikovsky has worked on a radical reconstruction of ancient history. When the work was in its initial stage, Dr. Robert Pfeiffer, the late chairman of Harvard’s Department of Semitic Studies, wrote:

“Dr. Velikovsky discloses immense erudition and extraordinary ingenuity. He writes well and documents all his statements with the original ancient sources. . . . His conclusions are amazing, unheard of, revolutionary, sensational.”

With the appearance of Ages in Chaos, the leading French Egyptologist and one-time curator of the Louvre Museum, Mr. Etienne Drioton, wrote to the author: “You certainly overturn — and with what zest! — many of our historical assumptions which we have considered established. But you do it with total absence of prejudice and with impartial and complete documentation, all of which is most sympathetic.”

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