Ages in Chaos

Ages in Chaos reconstructs the political and cultural histories of the nations of the world starting from the physical catastrophes described in the book of Exodus and Egyptian documents. This reconstruction places before the reader this question:

Are six hundred years missing in Israel’s history, or have six hundred ghost years crept into Egyptian History?

Documents are collated for each generation over 1200 years. Among the findings which this research has brought to light is:

  • the story of the plagues which preceded the Exodus, as written by an Egyptian eyewitness;
  • the illustrated diary of the biblical Queen of Sheba of her visit to the Holy Land
  • the vessels and furnishings of the Temple of Solomon
  • letters formerly believed written by pre-Israelite princes of Canaan, now shown to have been written by kings of Judah

Dr Velikovsky’s first book, Worlds in Collision, offered evidence of tremendous cataclysms during historic times, and created a furore of controversy unknown since Darwin’s debate ninety years earlier.

“If Dr Velikovsky is right, this volume is the greatest contribution to the investigation of ancient times ever written.” — Dr Robert H. Pfeiffer, Harvard University.

Books by Immanuel Velikovsky:

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